Welcome to Focus Coaching

How does our first session work?

Our first coaching session is a no obligation introductory session. In this session we delve into what coaching is about and the role of the coach. It is important for you to ask as many questions around coaching and the process going forward. It is critical after the session, you are confident to enter into a confidential coaching relationship. As part of this free session we will go through a goal setting process where you will walk away with at least one inspiring goal.

What are the coaching options?

New Direction Coaching Programme

In this programme, we will work with setting 3 inspiring Goals, building well-structured strategies and lastly and most importantly getting you motivated into action to achieve those goals. This process normally runs for about 8 to 12 sessions, each session lasting up to 90 min. These sessions are normally spread out between 3 to 6 months giving you, the coachee, the opportunity to entrench these new changes into your life/business.

Intensive Focused Coaching Programme

This option offers a 3-4 session programme aimed at Graduates or new employees entering the business environment. These sessions will focus on setting powerful goals and strategies to make an impact in your workplace in the first 3 months. Focusing on aligning your skills and strengths, with that of your new employer’s values will be a key objective. This will establish a platform from which you can launch and develop your successful career.

How do we meet?

In a quiet room where lots of thinking space can be created:
Face to Face – Cape Town surrounds
Telephone - Local or National depending on Call Rates
Skype - Accessible to all clients National and International

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of transporting a person or business from where they are to a new desirable state in a meaningful and simple way. Coaching is about focusing on finding solutions for the client through process of self-discovery facilitated by purposeful questioning from the Coach. This process is guided by a set of goals, strategies and actions.

The coaching process utilised, is formulated by Results Coaching Systems. This is built on the contemporary neuroscience theory around how and why coaching works. This is referred to as a brain-based approach to coaching.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching is about turning up the volume on your skills, abilities and potential. You would contact a coach if you are looking for a partnership to transform how you think about your life, career and business. These aspects would include changes in responsibilities, new careers and promotions, increasing business profitability or implementing new ideas. Coaching would also benefit those who want to enhance their personal space including areas such as health, finance and relationships. One of the common areas is working with a client who is “stuck’ in there thinking in terms of finding new solutions. Coaching will benefit in terms of moving forward in the new direction.

Focus Coaching?

The 3 core principles on which Focus Coaching is based is asking insightful and challenging Questions; making balanced and informed Choices; lastly Committing to the new change or goal.

One of the simplest and most powerful things in life is that no matter what we do, we always have a choice. However, our minds cloud this fact by focusing on perceptions created from past experiences and knowledge.

What does this mean for you?

To ensure that your choices are sustainable, you need to make these from an informed and calm mind. Furthermore you will find that new opportunities arise through your journey of exploration and commitment. You walk away with inspiring Goals and Strategies. Weekly sessions will ensure you take motivated action to achieve this change.